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Posted on 22 August 2007


Hari ini, saat akan mengunjungi blog nomor satu di negeri ini, http://afsyuhud.blogspot.com, betapa kagetnya saya.. betapa tidak, yang saya temukan hanyalah satu posting sederhana yang mengabarkan bahwa databasenya hilang. Begitu pula saat beralih mengunjungi blog tutorialnya, http://kolom-mario.blogspot.com, bernasib serupa. Sayang banget kalo artikel2nya ga bisa kembali

Akhirnya, masih dengan ketidakpuasan, saya coba mencari sebab-musababnya. Perkiraan saya, pemilik blog tersebut akan berhenti dari bloggger ato pindah alamat. Ternyata…

“It happens so quick and without any warning and so unexpected. On Tuesday morning, August 14, I open my blogger.com account to write a piece on Religion and Adversity (I wrote a series of religious related stuff lately). When logged into blogger.com, I was so shock to find that none of my actively updated blogs appeared in the dashboard. I thought it was a nasty work of nasty hacker. It’s not, it turns out.

It’s blogger.com guys themselves that deleted all my blogs. The reason was my blogs have violated blogger.com TOS (terms of service) and content TOS. I explained to them that afsyuhud.blogspot.com has earned repute internationally and because of that blog original and unique content that I become one of honorable member as contributor in globalvoicesonline.org of USA and agoravox.com of France. But the Blogger Employee said nothing further.

I’m disappointed to the hill. I feel I have supported blogger.com cause in Indonesia. I even gave blogger tutorial in bahasa Indonesia at kolom-mario.blogspot.com specifically giving tutorial about blogger/blogspot technicalities. But what I got in return from blogspot? Deleting all my blogs?

I knew from the very beginning, that using free blog providers including blogger.com put us at the mercy of the providers; they can delete your blogs whenever they want and without necessarily any significant reasons. That’s said, I have a confident to Google & its founders which acquired blogger/blogspot. That’s why I urge all Indonesian to use blogger/blogspot instead of other free providers. This incident perpetrated by Blogger/Blogspot team to my blog has changed my perspective towards Bloggger/Blogspot and indeed towards all free providers.

I consider to make my own hosting sooner or later. Writing here in wordpress.com certainly not forever. Experience tells me, wordpress.com can also erase this blog whenever they want. Sooner or later, tomorrow or next month will not make any difference.”

Sumber: http://afatih.wordpress.com

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