What a Muslim Thinks?

Posted on 26 November 2009


“(That is) people who remembers Alloh standing or sitting or in a state of liing down and they thought of about celestial creation and earth (as great as saying): “Yes our Alloh, no You creates this fruitlessly. The Most Holy You, hence looking after us from hell torture. (QS. Aali ‘ Imraan, 3:191)

Man is creature equiped by Alloh supporting facilities for thinking. But darling, mostly they don’t apply this vitally supporting facilities properly. Even practically some of men seldom thinks. Actually, each and everyone has level of ability to think often he/she xself doesn’t realize it. When putting into use ability to think the, facts that is hitherto unable to be known it, in the long run starts is open before his(its. Increasingly in s(he thinks, increasingly increases ability to think it and this thing likely enough applies for every people. Must be realized that every body has requirement to think and applies its the maximum mind.

A lot of opinion that for ” thinks exhaustively”, someone need to hold head with both palms [his] arms, and stands apart in a quiet room, far from bustle and all the business. It is really, they have assumed ” thinks exhaustively” as thing weighing and troubles. They are having conclusion that this work only for circle ” filosof”. Though, Alloh obliges man to think exhaustively or gazes. Alloh says that Al-Qur’an degraded to man for thought or contemplated:
“This is a derivable We book to you, full of benediction so that they pay attention to (contemplates) its(the sentences and so that gets Iesson of people who has mind” (QS. Shaad, 38: 29).

One can thinks whenever and it doesn’t matter. Thought not requires time, place of and or special condition. One can thinks run in roadway, when going to office, drives car, works in front of computer, attends meeting with friends, sees TV and or when is lunching.

Between news that is often we are witnessed in various stations TV and newspaper is report about natural disaster. Man can born down upon natural disaster like excitement earthquake, [fire/burning] and or floods. Someone who is witnessing various reportages about natural disaster thinks that Alloh has reigning over all something, that He earned is just falls to breaks a town so plane with soil;land;ground if He wanted. After thinking of all these, s(he is understanding that there are nothing also besides Alloh which can be made haven and resorts to. Even firmest buildings; towns equiped with by technology that is most sophisticated also will not can stay to adzab Alloh; they earn is annihilate at once.

Do not an or a nation also can duck out any disaster unless Alloh want other. Nonchalant is the nation be including richest and strong in world or inhabits a place which its(the geographical position doesn’t show existence of possibility is hit [by] the disaster. Alloh says no one also nation capable to prevent disaster which will befall them.

“Hence does the countrys resident feels safe from arrival of torture We to them between two lights in time they was sleeping? Or whether the countrys resident feels safe from arrival of torture We to them in the sun time went up when they are playing? Hence do they feel safe from adzab Alloh ( which is not terduga-duga)? No feeling safe and adzab Alloh except people who loses. And whether unclear for patrimony people who a country after ( leading) its(the resident, that if We wanted of course We their adzab because its(the sins; and We liver death key they so that they cannot hear ( Iesson again)?” ( QS. Al-A’raaf, 7: 97-100)

Al-Qur’an is last book which derivable Alloh for all man. Each and everyone living in earth is obliged to study Al-Qur’an and executes its(the comands. However, most man doesn’t study and or executes what which Alloh command in Al-Qur’an kendatipun they receive it as a book made a night of it. This is effect [of] has not thought of about Al-Qur’an but simply knowing from information gotten from there here. On the contrary, for man is thinking, Al-Qur’an has a real big position and role in its the life.

Alloh says about purpose of derivable of Al-Qur’an for man:

“This is a derivable We book to you full of benediction so that they pay attention to its(the sentences and so that gets Iesson of people who has mind.” ( QS. Shaad, 38: 29)

“Not on any account that way the things. In Fact Al-Qur’an is commemoration. Hence whomever wants, undoubtedly s(he takes Iesson thereof ( Al-Qur’an). And they will not take Iesson thereof except ( if) Alloh wants it. He ( Alloh) be Alloh That is proper ( we) having Allohly to it and [is] entitled to pardon.” ( QS. Al-Muddatstsir, 74: 54-56)

In Al-Qur’an, Alloh tells some Iessons from life of the prophets and rasul living in past that man can see how behavior, discussion and human life diridhai by Alloh, and makes them as peer. In Al-Qur’an, mentioned some ancient nations characteristics, akhlaq and disasters befalling them. It is a big mistake to comprehend this sentences only as event of history of with various events befalling them. Because, as in all other sentences, Alloh tells life of nations in tooing for we to contemplate and takes Iesson from various disasters befalling this nations as guidance in improve;repairing behavior of us.

Concerning whether in Al-Qur’an Alloh invites man to think?

“And We are derivable to you Adz-Dzikr (Al-Qur’an), that you explains to people has have been degraded to them and so that they thought.” (QS. An-Nahl, 16: 44)

Alloh invites man to thought of creation of their/his self:

“And says man: ” Is right that if I have died, that I seriously will be awakened to become resurrecting?” And doesn’t the man thought of that in fact We has created it is former, medium of s(he is there is no at all?” (QS. Maryam, 19: 66-67)

Alloh invites man to thought of about creation of the universe:

“In fact in celestial creation and earth, silih changes it night and noon, ark sailing on the sea brings what which good for man, and what which Alloh alight from sky in the form of water, then with the water He animated earth after death ( drought) his(its and He propagates in that earth all animal types, and grind of wind and cloud controlled between skies and earth; it is really (there is) marking (singleness and Alloh highness) for thinking clan.” (QS. Al-Baqarah, 2: 164)

Alloh invites man to thought of life character a world of temporary:

“In fact earthly life imagery of that, be be uliginous ( rain) which We alights from sky, then growed luxuriantly his(its because the water plants earth, between of something is eaten [by] man and livestock animal. finite if the earth have perfected beauty [of] his(its, and uses ( also) its(the ornament, and its(the owners assuming that them surely masters it, sudden comes to it adzab We in the night or noon, then We made ( its(the crops) executes planting which have been mowed, likely have never growed yesterday. The Above Is True We explain power marking (We) to people who thinks.” (QS. Yuunus, 10: 24)

“Are there one of the in between you which wish to have date garden and grape;wine running under it rivers; s(he has in the garden all kinds of fruitses, then comes a period of stripper at the medium man of s(he has descendant which still little. Hence the garden is blown bluster containing fire, then combustible. The Above Is True Alloh explains His sentences to you so that you thought of it.” (QS. Al-Baqarah, 2: 266)

Alloh invites man to thought of scrumptious which they have:

“And Alloh unfolding earth and makes mounts and rivers to [him]. And makes to [him] all fruitses couple, Alloh closes night to noon. In fact at such there is marking ( Alloh highness) for thinking clan. And in this earth there is adjacent parts, and grape;wine gardens, crops and tree korma is branching and which is not branched, sprinkled with the same water. We exaggerate is partial planted that is to partly other about likely. In fact at such there is marking ( Alloh highness) for thinking clan.” (QS. Ar-Ra‘d, 13: 3-4)

Alloh invites man to think that all the universe has been created for man:

“And He has subdued for your what which in the sky and what which in earth altogether, (as blessing) thereof. In fact at really such there is marking ( Alloh power) for thinking clan.” (QS. Al-Jaatsiyah, 45: 13)

“He grows for you with the rainwater plants; olive, korma, out of job and all kinds of fruitses. In fact at really such there are sign (Alloh power) for thinking clan. And He subdues night and noon, the sun and month for your. And the the stars is subdued (for your) by order of Him. In fact at really such there are marking (Alloh power) for comprehending clan (his(its), and Him (subdues also) does He create for you in this earth with berlain-lainan kinds of his(its. In fact at really such there is sign (Alloh power) for clan taking Iesson. And Him(her, Alloh subduing ocean (for your), that you can eat thereof fresh flesh (fish), and you releases from the ocean ornament which you uses; and you sees ark to sail to [him], and so that you looks for (advantage) from His grant from above, and so that you thanks goodness. And He sticks mounts in earth so that the earth doesn’t shake together you, (and He creates) rivers and takes the air that you to get guide, and (He creates) marking (road(street indicator). And with the stars that is they get guide. Hence is (Alloh) what creates that is equal with cannot create (something)? Hence why you doesn’t take Iesson.” (QS. An-Nahl, 16: 11-17)

Alloh invites man to thought of about their/his self:

“And why they don’t thought of about (case) their x’self?” (QS. Ar-Ruum, 30: 8)

Alloh invites man to think of akhlaq which is good:

“And you doesn’t come near orphan possession, except by the way of which more useful, till s(he is adult. And makes perfect measuring and weighing-machine dispassionately. We don’t shoulder burden to sesorang but simply its(the readyness. And if you say, hence so it will you applies fair, though s(he is your consanquinity, and fulfills God promise. Such is commanded God to you that you remembers.” (QS. Al-An‘aam, 6: 152)

“In Fact Alloh orders ( you) applies is fair and does benefaction, gives to kinfolk, and Alloh prohibits from despicable deed, kemungkaran and hostility. He gives teaching to you that you can take Iesson.” (QS. An-Nahl, 16: 90)

“Hi believe people who, you doesn’t enter house which is not your house before requesting permit and salutes to its(the dweller. Better such for you, that you ( always) remembers.” (QS. An-Nuur, 24: 27)

Alloh invites man ntuk to think of eternity/the beyond, doomsday and day penghisaban:

“At day when every x’self discovers all benefactions is confronted ( face it), so ( also) badness which has been done it; s(he wished if presumably between s(he that dayly there is a period of far; and Alloh warns you to His torture. And Alloh hardly Penyayang to His slaves.” (QS. Aali ‘ Imraan, 3: 30)

“And remembers slaves We: Ibrahim, Ishaq and Ya’qub having big deeds and high sciences. In Fact We have sanctified them with ( bestows to them) akhlaq which is high that is always reminds ( man) to eternity/the beyond country.” (QS. Shaad, 38: 45-46)

“Hence not which they be awaiting but doomsday ( that is) its(the arrival to them out of a clear sky, because in fact has come its(the marking. Hence is its(the benefit for they awareness they the if Kiamat have come?” (QS. Muhammad, 47: 18)

Alloh invites man to thought of mortal which He creates:

“And Your the infinite mades a night of it to bee: “Dens create in hills, in wood trees, and in places made by man”, then eats from every (kinds) fruits and go through road(street Tuhanmu which has been facilitated (for you). From the bee stomach out beverage (honey) which all kinds of its(the colour, in it there is drug healing for man. In fact at really such there is sign (Alloh highness) for people who thought.” (QS. An-Nahl, 16: 68-69)

Alloh invites man to thought of adzab is earning suddenly befalls it:

“Say: “Explained to me if comes Alloh torture to you, or comes to you doomsday, does you exclaim (the infinite) besides Alloh; if you are correctness people who!” (QS. Al-An‘aam, 6: 40)

“Say: “Explained to me if Alloh to abstract hearing and eyesight and closes your liver, who is the infinite besides Alloh having the power returns it is to you?” Pays attention to how We many times shows highness marking (We), then they still look away (also). (QS. Al-An‘aam, 6: 46)

Say:” Explained to me if comes Alloh torture to you abruptly, or outspoken, hence [is] there any destructive ( Alloh) apart from man who dzalim?” (QS. Al-An‘aam, 6: 47)

“And not they (hypocrisy people) pays attention to that they are tested once or twice every year, and they no (also) repentance and no (also) takes Iesson?” (QS. Yuunus, 10: 50)

“And not they (hypocrisy people) pays attention to that they are tested once or twice every year, and they no (also) repentance and no (also) takes Iesson?” (QS. At-Taubah, 9: 126)

“And in fact we have given to Mozes Al-Kitab (Taurat) after destructive We of generation antecedent, to be pelita for man and guide and blessing, that they remember.” (QS. Al-Qashas, 28: 43)

” And in fact we have destroyed man who similar to you. Hence [is] there any man which will take Iesson?” (QS. Al-Qamar, 54: 51)

“And in fact We has punished ( Fir’aun and) its(the clan with (delivers) long dry season and lacking of fruits, so that they take Iesson. ( QS. Al-A‘raaf, 7: 130)

Alloh invites man to thought of about Al-Qur’an:

“Hence is they heedless Al Qur’an? If presumably Al Qur’an not from Alloh side, of course they get contradiction which many in it.” (QS. An-Nisaa’, 4: 82)

“Hence is they heedless word ( We), or whether have come to them what which have never come to ancestors they are former?” (QS. Al-Mu’minuun, 23: 68)

“This is a derivable We book to you full of benediction so that they pay attention to its(the sentences and so that gets Iesson of people who has mind.” ( QS. Shaad, 38: 29)

“In Fact We facilitate Al Qur’an with your language so that they get Iesson.” ( QS. Ad-Dukhaan, 44: 58)

“Not on any account that way the things. In Fact Al Qur’an is peringatanMaka whomever wants, undoubtedly s(he takes Iesson thereof ( Al Qur’an).” ( QS. Al-Muddatstsir, 56: 54-55)

“And the above is true We reduces Al Qur’an in Arab language, and We has explained repeatedlyly, in it partial from threat, that they are having Allohly or (that) Al Qur’an generates teaching for they.”. ( QS. Thaahaa, 20: 113)

Rasul-rasul Alloh invites its(the believer which less in the case of understanding to think:

“Say: I don’t tell to you, that exchequer of Alloh [is] on me, and no ( also) I know which ghaib and no ( also) I tell to you that me an angel. I don’t follow except what made a night of it to me. Say: “Is same man who blind with seeing?” Hence does you not thought ( his(its)?” ( QS. Al-An‘aam, 6: 50)

“And s(he argued by its(the clan. He says: ” Does you will argue about Alloh, though in fact Alloh has given guide to me”. And I am not afraid to ( calamity from) sembahan-sembahan which you are allies with Alloh, except in my Alloh scorpion wants something ( from calamity) that. my Alloh Knowledge covers all something. Hence does you cannot take Iesson ( thereof) ?” (QS. Al-An‘aam, 6: 80)

Alloh invites man to think to fight against prince of darkness influence:

“And if you are befalled [by] something prince of darkness obsession hence sheltering to Alloh. In Fact Alloh The Most Heard again The Most co-signature. In fact people who is having Allohly if(when they are befalled [by] sneaking from prince of darkness, they remember to Alloh, so whenever that also they see its(the mistakes. And their friends ( infidel people and fasik) assists prince of darknesss in misleading and they don’t desist it ( misleads).” ( QS. Al-A‘raaf, 7: 200-202)

Alloh Comand to point man who given explanation about religion teaching to think exhaustively:

“Go you along with your you by bringing My sentences, and you two doesn’t be negligent in considering Me; Go you two is to Fir’aun, in fact s(he ultra vires has; hence talking you two to it with gentle words, hopefully s(he remembers or fear”. ( QS. Thaahaa, 20: 42-44)

Alloh invites man to think of death and dream:

“Alloh holds soul ( people) when its(the death and ( holds) soul ( man) who had not died in its(the bedtime; hence He is resistant is soul ( man) who [he] has specified its(the death and He discharges other soul until time specified. In fact at such there is power marking of Alloh for thinking clan.” ( QS. Az-Zumar, 39: 42)

Someone thinking to hardly understanding to creation secrets of Alloh, truth of about life in world, existence of hell and heaven, and real truth from all something. He would to circumstantial understanding for the importance of becoming someone who loved Alloh, executes religion teaching in correctness, finds Alloh characters in all which s(he sees, and starts thinking by the way of which unlike most man, but as which Alloh commands. Walhasil s(he will get enjoyment that is more than beauty [of] which s(he witness, exceeds from got by others. He will not suffer mind pressure because brought by zero day-dream that is there is no its(the base and is not dragged by world gluttony.

This only a few of keutamaan-keutamaan obtained by someone thinking in world. Reciprocation in eternity/the beyond for man the always looks for truth by thinking is love, affection and Alloh heaven.

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