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Ghibah is liver disease eating kindness, delivers badness and kills time uselessly. This disease extends in public because lack of religion understanding, life that is increasingly easy and the many leeways. Technology progress, telephone for example, also partakes propagates this public disease.

Essence Ghibah

Ghibah is discuss others with thing that is in bad books his(its if(when s(he knows it, good which mentioned over and over that is insuffiency of the body, lineage, demeanour, finite utterance and also religion at clothes, its(the other house or property possession. Calls the negative of the body like telling s(he is short, black, thin and others. Or at its(the religion like telling s(he is Iiar, fasik, hypocrisy and others.

Sometime unconscious people of s(he has done ghibah, and when warned s(he to answer: ” Which I tell this truely correct!” Though Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘ Alaihi wa Sallam emphatically express deed of is ghibah. When asked to him(her, how if(when mentioned over and over that of course truely correct at man is being digunjing-kan, he(she answers: ” If which you slanders truely correct at people, hence you has done ghibah, and if which you mentioned there is no at man who you calls, hence you has done lie to his(its.” (HR. Moslem)

unlimited Ghibah by mouth only, but also able to happened with article or signal like kerdipan eye, gesticulating, pouting etcetera. Because its(the core is inform lacking of someone to others. At one time there is a woman comes to ‘ Aisyah Radhiyallahu ‘ Anha. When the woman has gone, ‘ Aisyah signs [his] armsly indicating that the woman short barium. Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘ Alaihi wa Sallam then word: ” Thou has done ghibah!” For example herewith is movement modells others like imitating way people walk, way of talking it is and others. Even such more hardly than ghibah, because beside contains element to inform lacking of people, also contains purpose of jeering or looks down to.

Do not fail the wide-speading of is ghibah with article, because article is oral second. Mass media had not cattish and reluctant again opens someone ignominy who even a is top secret. Happened then, shyness censor masya-rakat declines coming up with lowest storey. Ignominy [shall] no longer be felt as ignominy which ought to be closed over, sinning becomes everyday food.

Kinds and Form Of Ghibah

Ghibah has is assorted and form, worst is ghibah accompanied with riya ‘ like telling: ” I shelter to Alloh from a kind of this a bit thick deed, hopefully Alloh takes care of me from the deed.” though its(the intention laying open its(the un-hobby to others, but s(he applies prayer expression to phrase its(the intention.

Sometime people does ghibah by the way of praise, like telling: ” What a good the man, have never leaved its(the obligation, but which s(he has conduct like the one is many we have, less patient.” He calls also x’self for the purpose of inveighing others and signs x’self is including faction of people shalih the always careful from ghibah. Form of other ghibah for example saying: ” I am pity to our friend the always is underestimated this. I pray to Alloh that s(he [shall] no longer be underestimated.” A kind of this utterance is not prayer, because if s(he wishs prayer for his(its, of course s(he will pray for it in his(its solitary and doesn’t phrase it such.

Ghibah Enabled

Not all types ghibah prohibited in religion. There are some type ghibah enabled, that is dimaksud-kan to reach purpose of correct, and not possibly is reached except with ghibah. At least there are six types ghibah enabled:

Firstly : Reports maltreatment deed. Man who maltreated may report to judge by telling s(he has been maltreated by someone. Basically this is deed ghibah, but because meant for purpose of correct, hence this thing enabled in religion.

Second : Business to change badness and assists exit someone from immoral deed, like phrasing to man who have power to change badness: ” The Fulan has done not true, prevents him(her!” Its(the intention is ask others to change badness. Otherwise meaned that way, hence the utterance was ghibah which illicit.

Third : For purpose of asking for advise. For example by saying: ” My father have done like this to me, is the deed enabled? How to that I was not treated that way again? How to get my rights?” Expression like this enabled. But more safely if(when s(he phrases it with expression for example: ” What its(the law if (there are) any someone is doing like this to its(the chlid, is that thing enabled??” A kind of this expression more safely because doesn’t call certain people.

Fourth : To warn or advises the muslimin . Example of in this case is jarh ( calls inveighing perawi hadits) what done the moslem scholars hadits. This thing is enabled according to ijma ‘ moslem scholar, even becomes is mandatory because containing maslahat for Islam believer.

Fifth : If(when someone levels with menun-jukkan kefasikan and kebid’ahan, like drinking pageant, gambles and others, hence may call the someone with character meant, but s(he may not mention its(the other ignominys.

Sixth : To give explanation with a celebrated has mention at someone x’self. Like mentioning with the title mute si, the cripple and other. But this thing is not enabled if meant to show lacking of someone. But what a the good if calling him with epithet which s(he thinks much of.

Taubat from Ghibah

According to ijma ‘ moslem scholar ghibah is including big sin. Basically man who is doing ghibah has done two badness; badness to Alloh Ta’ala because doing deed that is clear prohibited by Him and badness to man rights. Hence first step of which must be taken to avoid this immoral is with taubat including its(the three conditions, be leaving deed of the immoral, regrets deed which had been done and promised not to did it is again.

Hereinafter, must be followed with second step to redeem its(the badness by right of man, that is by visiting man who slandered it is then apologizes to its(the deed and shows its(the regret. This done if(when man who discussed it is knowing that s(he has been discussed. But if s(he have not known it, hence for doing ghibah to his(its shall pray for it with kindness and promises at their/his self is not to repeat it.

Gimmick Avoids Ghibah

To cure habit of ghibah which is disease which is difficult detected and difficult to be cured this, there are some gimmick which we able to do.

Firstly: Always considering that deed of ghibah is enragement cause and irate of Alloh and lowering of adzab from Him.

Second: its(the Bahwasa kindness weighing-machine of perpetrator ghibah will move to man who slandered it. If s(he didn’t had kindness at all, hence taken away from badness weighing-machine of man who slandered it and added to its(the badness weighing-machine. If considering this thing always, undoubtedly someone berfikir would thousand times to do deed ghibah.

Third: Man shall who is doing ghibah to remember formerly their/his self ignominy and soon tries improve;repairs it. Thereby will arise shyness at ownself if opening others ignominy, whereas their/his self stills has ignominy.

Fourth: If man ignominy which will be slandered there is no at their/his self, s(he shall soon thanks goodness to Alloh because because He has obviated from the ignominy, rather than defiles x’self with ignominy larger ones which in the form of deed ghibah.

Fifth: Considering if(when s(he to discuss you its(the, hence s(he is like man is eating his own your carcass, as told by Alloh: ” And doesn’t partly you slanders some other. Likes one of the among you to eat flesh you its(the which have been dyeing?” ( Al Hujuraat : 12)

Sixth: Its(the law is mandatory mengi-ngatkan man is being does ghibah, that the deed its(the law is illicit and irate [by] Alloh.

Seventh: Always remembers sentences and hadits-hadits prohibiting ghibah and always takes care of oral ins order not to invite ghibah.

Hopefully Alloh always keeps away us from deed that is is not praised this, amen.

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