Bengawan Increasingly Flows Until Far

Posted on 12 December 2009


Bengawan is community blogger Surakarta and its surroundings. a place of liquid brotherhood and egaliter. a brotherhood as fully his(its, especially for up to now still experiencing life and fills life alongside pate;upstream so downstream. Not Merely Bengawan Solo, but also small rivers having estuary to it. If You was blogger is remaining or have ever lived in Surakarta, has binding and interest about Surakarta, let us joins, together strengthens togetherness, brotherhood, and spirit [of] is each other share.

Now age bengawan precise 1 year. If bengawan was baby, hence s(he is reaching phase funny and pleases. Hopefully in its(the new age of 1 year, can give entertainment amusement and benefit to humanity. Happy Birthday Bengawan..!

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