The Man of Choice

Posted on 13 January 2010


Who was the man of choice for a Muslim woman to be a companion to live? An official, wealthy, or the handsome face? It could be that all is not the main option chosen and more men with high level requirements of the faith, worship and social activities and propaganda more from him. Or just a mediocre and equal even lower than him with a note as long as he is still Muslim. The choices were often raised in line with the plan and the desire of a woman to travel the household fabric. Therefore, it is said now increasingly difficult to find the ideal man and the “excellent”.

The question, whether natural person requires levels of women of faith (religion) the higher the prospective husband?

Marriage is the most powerful bond and conserved between the two kinds of beings. He also brings a lot of things more positive for a person than single life. The soul needs to be bound by the strong binding solid. This binding is aqidah. Because only aqidah that can lead one’s life, driving the hearts, minds and feelings, and instilling the most memorable effects, and determine their life path.

In this regard, the scholars agreed on the prohibition on the making of a Muslim woman to marry pagan men, both pagan polytheists and infidels kitabi. It was also affirmed by Allah in His Word, “… and do not marry women idolaters until they believe faith. Truly the believers slave is better than an idolater though he allures you …” (QS / Al-Baqarah: 221).

In theory, the nature of women will tend to follow her husband. While in the Islamic system, the head of the family is the husband. This reflects that the state’s future husband and established a more high-faith becomes a condition that can not be ignored. In the meantime, there is a tendency Muslim men to (intentionally or not) delaying marriage with a variety of reasons. Study, career, economic problems, wants more put the interests of family and various other reasons. The condition is actually very very contradictory to the situation experienced by Muslim women.

For the Muslim woman who understands well the concept of Islam, which became the main measure is the level of faith and the faith of the prospective husband. While wealth, position, physical appearance and background are preferred to be not well, though not dismiss the desire to get a ‘better’ than all those requirements. That is, the desire for a husband to look attractive, supported by adequate property office promising to be nothing more important for a Muslim woman if the main requirement, namely the level of faith and good morality is not owned by the prospective running mate.

Many Muslim women today who argue that it never hurts to get the best life sholeh, handsome, and educated enough to treasure. Opinion was not wrong, but also not be true if it becomes a reason to reject any sholeh men who come because they do not meet other requirements.

It affirmed the Prophet Muhammad in haditsnya, from Abi Hatim al Muzani, he said, “Rasulullah SAW said,” If the coming (woo) to someone you ridhai religion and akhlaqnya, then nikahkanlah (son with) him. If not you do it will defamation arose on earth and great damage, “
They asked, “O Messenger of Allah, if it’s there?”
He replied, “If the coming (proposed) to you, people who you pleasure (because of) religion and akhlaqnya, then nikahkanlah son with him.” (spoken three times) (Narrated by Tirmidhi)

Imam Ash Syaukani said, “people who you ridhai because religion and akhlaqnya” in the hadith above, shows that it concerns kufu terms of religion and morality. Meanwhile, Malik confirmed that it was only kufu just about religion. Similarly, what is quoted from ‘Umar and Ibn Mas’ud, and the Tabi’in like Muhammad Ibn Sirin and Umar bin Abdul Aziz on the basis of the word: “Verily the noblest among you is the most taqwa to Him.”

From this side of normal when a Muslim woman wants to get more value from the self-future husband, at least compared to his own. But enough is grateful for the favors and grace given by Allah Almighty Allah if indeed the choice for a Muslim who … um, Sholeh, handsome, well educated and quite a treasure. He should not be takabbur consider himself more noble than any other Muslim woman, because the real pleasure for all that Allah gives, Allah Leave therein also test to test whether his grateful servants or otherwise.

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