People Who Are Forbidden To Go To Hell

Posted on 7 March 2010


فإن الله حرم علي النار من قال لاألاأله ألا الله يبتغي بذلك وجه الله
“Allah forbids the hell people are saying” Laa illaha illa “for wanting the pleasure of Allah.” (HR.Al-Bukhari and Muslim from Shabat ‘Itban radi’ anhu)

Testify to the La ilaha illa to the seven conditions, without the conditions it is the creed will not be beneficial to speak it, and will not acquire virtues mentioned in the above hadith.

The seven conditions are:

1. Science (knowing)

It means understanding the meaning and intention, knowing what is excluded and what is defined, (science) who deny the stupidity / lack of knowledge about the meaning of it. Alllah says:
إلا من شهد بالحق وهم يعلمون (86)
“But (people who can intercede is) someone who recognizes the right of (tawhid) and their belief / know (him).” (QS az-Zukhruf: 86)

It means people who testified to the La ilaha illalla, and understand with their heart what was said by her spoken. Had he said it but did not understand what it means, then the testimony is not valid and not useful.

2. Sure (sure)

People who pledged to believe that the content of the creed. When he doubted the vain testimony itu.Allah Exalted says:
إنما المؤمنون الذين ءامنوا بالله ورسوله ثم لم يرتابوا وجاهدوا بأموالهم وأنفسهم في سبيل الله أولائك هم الصادقون (15)
“Those who believe only those who believe in Allah and His Messenger, then they did not hesitate, and they strive with their wealth and their lives in the way of Allah, they are the ones who really”. (QS.Hujurat: 15)

If he hesitated then he becomes a hypocrite. Prophet alaihi wasallam said:
((من لقيت وراء هذا الحائط يشهد أن لاإله إلا الله مستيقنا قلبه فبشره بالجنة))
“Who do you see behind the walls (garden), which bears witness that there iIlah (god that exists) but Allah, who believe with your heart, so give glad tidings to the (return) of heaven.” (HR.Al-Bukhari)

So anyone who does not believe her, she was not entitled to enter Paradise.

3. Qabul (receive)

Receive content and consequences of the creed; worship / worship God alone and leave the worship of other than. Who is to say, but do not accept and abide by, so he included those who Allaah has said:
إنهم كانوا إذا قيل لهم لآإله إلا الله يستكبرون (35) ويقولون أئنا لتاركوا ءالهتنا لشاعر مجنون (36)
“Indeed they had been when it is said to them:” La ilaha illallah “(There is no god that exists but God) they are bragging. and they say: “Do we really have to leave our god-god as a mad poet?” (QS.Ash-Shafat :35-36)

It’s just as grave today’s worshipers. They say La ilaha illa, but do not want to leave the cult of the grave. Thus they have not received La ilaha illallah.

4. Inqiyaad (submission and obedience to the content of the meaning of the creed)

Allah the Exalted says:
ومن يسلم وجهه إلى الله وهو محسن فقد استمسك بالعروة الوثقى وإلى الله عاقبة الأمور (22)
“And those who surrender themselves to God, was he who do good, surely he has clung to a rope knot kuat.Dan only to Allah is the upshot of all affairs.” (QS.Luqman: 22)

Al-‘Urwatul-Wuthqa is La ilaha illallah. And meaning yuslim wajhahu is yanqaadu (obedient, submissive

5. That is to say this sentence and his heart was also confirmed.

When his heart llisannya but denied saying, then he is a hypocrite and pendusta.Allah Ta’ala says:
ومن الناس من يقول ءامنا بالله واليوم الأخر وما هم بمؤمنين (8) يخادعون الله والذين ءامنوا وما يخدعون إلا أنفسهم وما يشعرون (9) في قلوبهم مرض فزادهم الله مرضا ولهم عذاب أليم بما كانوا يكذبون (10)
“Among the people there are who say:” We believe in Allah and the Hereafter “, and they were really not people who believe. They want to deceive Allah and those who believe, but they only deceive themselves and they will not sadar.Dalam their hearts is a disease, illness and plus God, and for them a painful punishment because they lie. “(QS.Al – Baqarah :8-10)

6. Ikhlas.

That is clear from all the charitable dust shirk, by the way do not say because he wanted the contents of the world, riya ‘or sum’ah. In the hadith ‘Itban, the Messenger of Allaah’ alaihi wasallam said:
فإن الله حرم علي النار من قال لاألاأله ألا الله يبتغي بذلك وجه الله
“Allah forbids the hell people are saying” Laa illaha illa “for wanting the pleasure of Allah.” (HR.Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

7. Mahabbah (love)

It means to love this word and its contents, also love the people who practice the consequences. Allah says:
ومن الناس من يتخذ من دون الله أندادا يحبونهم كحب الله والذين ءامنوا أشد حبا لله ولو يرى الذين ظلموا إذ يرون العذاب أن القوة لله جميعا وأن الله شديد العذاب (165)
“And of mankind there are those who worship rivals besides Allah; they loved as they love God. As for those who believe, really, really love to God. Even if the people who did do wrong was to know when they see the punishment (on the last day), that power belongs to God everything, and that Allah is severe in punishment (they wished). (QS al-Baqarah: 165 )

So monotheist love God with a sincere love clean. While experts shirk love God and love others. This is contrary to the contents of the womb Laa illaha illallah.

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