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People naturally feel that Rizqi grabber that Alloh gave is too small to be divided. This is evidence of denial against Rizqi and ni’mat that Alloh gave. As if he said, “O Alloh! Rizqi from you is very little to share with others. “

Alloh Almighty says:

“And let not those who are griping with the treasures of Alloh’s grace given them think that it is good for their stinginess. Stinginess Actually it is bad for them. Bakhil The property will be worn around their neck later on the Day of Resurrection. “(Ali-Imran: 180)

“Whoever he really was just a stingy miser to himself.” (Muhammad: 38)

Prophet Hadiths:

“There will enter Paradise who Grabber, traitor, liar, and someone who has a bad character.”

“People are griping far from Alloh, away from humans, far from heaven, and the close of hell. Ignorant people are more generous than to be loved by Alloh are hunks of worship expert; most chronic diseases are illiberal. “

Someone who has made an shodaqoh certainly feel that Alloh has given him Rizqi a lot, just enough for themselves, their families and can be shared to others in need. As if he said, “Thank you O Alloh! You really have given me a lot Rizqi until I could do shodaqoh. ”

People who do it are people who shodaqoh grateful and will get additional ni’mat of Alloh in the world and the hereafter. As for those who Grabber again Kufr, Alloh threatened him with torture.

As for those who give (freely in the way of Alloh) and do right, and justify the best reward, then We will prepare him an easy road. (Al-Lail: 5-7)

Conversely, if we are griping, Alloh will prepare for us a difficult road. It is difficult here is not always difficult livelihood. Established its economic might, but we are very easy to do with the facilities provided ma’siat it. Ma’siat While it would be a difficult road for us in the afterlife. In fact, it can be difficult due to ma’siat also be felt in the world with the existence of various mushibah like a rebellious child, severe illness, etc..

As for those who are pleased with how to do shodaqoh thankful, for them there to ease the easy road. Easily in the world and also in the hereafter. Easy worship, have a good environment, good family, kept from mushibah, etc..

Benefits of doing this shodaqoh can be felt in the world and also in the hereafter. Alloh promised to recruit a living person who has made an shodaqoh every day. And the Prophet has taught us to do do shodaqoh every day in this world. People who do make shodaqoh will be forgiven his sins and be protected from hell fire.

O children of Adam, do infaq (on My Way), then I’ll give you a living. (Hadith Qudsi)

Narrated Abu Hurairah ra than he said: The Prophet has said: On every day the sun appeared to him there is charity in every human joints. So the king said: Applies equally between two people is charity, helping someone rise to the top mount or animal mengangkatkan belongings onto the back of the animal mount is also charity. Prophet said again: A good word is charity, every step towards prayer is a charity and get rid of something dangerous on the road is charity (Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim)

Shodaqah can with just about anything. With a palm, a piece of bread, a thousand rupiah currency, to show the way, help someone up the goods, picking up / removing a thorn from the street, even the wife and kids to feed.

Abu Mas’ud narrated than ra al-Badri said: The Prophet said: Verily when a Muslim is to give a living to his family and he expects a reward from him, then it is considered a living as a charity. (Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim)


Lo Grabber disease can be eradicated only through two ways: scientifically and Amaliah.

Scientifically you should be aware that:

  • Nature-grabber that can bring the world’s baseness and misery in the Hereafter. However the many treasures that will not accompany nor we carry to the grave.
  • Wealth belongs to Alloh swt. His delegated to ourselves to be used on lines of his religion and principles of the most functional.
  • Holding the property because he wanted to go on the spree with her, an animal nature and its value is only temporary. While infaq way of Alloh, is a wise and temperament will be the eternal reward and double.
  • And if the treasure is not diinfaqkan with the intent to be inherited to their children and grandchildren, as if we left the property to them and, while we ourselves to Alloh Almighty. with a crime.

    This is really stupid. How not, if his son someday rnenjadi pious child, surely Alloh swt. sufficient sustenance. But if the wicked son, the treasure would be used for disobedience. Precisely the estate into an opportunity for ma’siat deeds. Parents are even suffering, while others enjoy it.

    As for the Amaliah, it is necessary to take two ways:

  • For the time being tempted by the popularity and imagine getting more replies, so that they can motivate themselves to glad infaq.
  • By constantly discipline ourselves to diligent infaq, so that eventually became a field and used.
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