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One characteristic of the most hated by Alloh Almighty is arrogant. Is to consider himself a big arrogant and view others despicable / low. One day we may see an ease in the affair. People ask how you solve these problems. With a loud and proud you answered “.. I can do it!”. We have often prided themselves and putting down others, especially those we consider beneath us. Or feel to have something more than others. So mocking or even demean people others. Na’udzubillah

Alloh forbids us to pride:
Addons “And do not walk on this earth with arrogance, for thou art never could penetrate the earth and at all times you will not be as high as mountains.” [al-Israa ‘: 37]

Alloh hates the people who are arrogant:
Addons “And do not turn your face from humans (for pride), nor walk in insolence through the earth. Alloh loves not those who prided themselves proud again. “[Luqman: 18]

The Prophet said that the proud though only a few will not necessarily go to heaven:
Addons From Ibn Mas’ud, the Prophet, he said: “I will not enter heaven, someone who in his heart there atoms from the arrogant nature.” A Prophet’s companions asked: “Surely someone like if clothing is beautiful or sandals are also good.” Prophet said: “Verily, Alloh Ta’ala is the Most Beautiful and loves beauty. Nature is the arrogant disregard of truth and contempt for other human beings “[Reported by Muslim]

The Prophet also said that the proud will undoubtedly be tortured by Alloh in the hereafter:
From al-Aghar from Abu Hurarirah and Abu Sa’eed, the Prophet said: Addons “Alloh said: Glory is to my clothing, while arrogance is my scarf. Whoever is to release them from me, and I will torture him. ” [Reported by Muslim]

(It was said unto them): Addons “Enter ye the gates of Hell, while you dwell therein. And evil is the place for people who are arrogant. “[Al-Mu’min: 76]

Abi Salamah narrated that Abdullah ibn Umar ibn Amr met at Marwah. Both then went downstairs and talk to one another. Furthermore, Abdullah ibn Amr ibn Umar went and sat sobbing. When asked about what made him cry, he said: “This man (ie ‘Abdullah bin Amr) has claimed that he heard the Prophet said:” He who in his heart there is atoms from the arrogant nature, then Alloh will afflict Fire at his face “Bayhaqi
From the above hadith is sufficient for us to realize that the nature of pride is very dangerous for us.

Imam Ghazali in his book, “Ihya ” Uluumuddiin” writes how people can be arrogant while in him there is a smell of 1-2 kilograms of dung?

Sometimes a snob because of his wealth. But one ought to remember, when people called it was born rich they do not have anything. When death did not bring anything except fabric embedded in the body. At the time of death is not helpful all the treasure and what they have done.

Addons “It is not useful to him their possessions and what they earn.” [Al Lahab: 2]
As Qarun, a treasure that we have no other Alloh’s entrusted to us. When we die we will be parting with the “treasure” we.

Addons “Alloh belongeth the kingdom of heaven and earth and all that is therein, and He hath power over all things.” [Al-idah Maa: 120]

Often arrogant people in power or position. Though his power and position are also not eternal. When dead, the power is lost. We replaced with another.

Addons “Say:” O Lord of the kingdom, You give the kingdom to the person who you want and you remove the kingdom from whom You will. You glorified people who you want and you degrade those whom You will. You are all virtues in hand. Surely You have power over all things. “[Ali ‘Imraan: 26]

Pharaoh king of Egypt who is now a proud body of the helpless. Alexander the Great or Alexander the Great that his empire included parts of Africa, Europe, and Asia currently lives mere bones. Hitler had also feared dead as well as his enemies.

Only Alloh Almighty, which remain immutable and eternal life forever. So what makes a human being deserves to feel proud?

There’s also an arrogant person because of her beautiful face and shapely. Yet when the old, it will be ugly and wrinkled face. When he was buried, then his face will stay only a mere skull. Is it appropriate for humans to be arrogant?

Anything else is arrogant because of his strength or a muscular body. We have witnessed the first Samson able to defeat a lion with his bare hands was now lying in the soil. Muhammad Ali who used to boast about being the biggest (I am the Greatest) is now weak Parkinson’s disease. As soon as strong as any older person would be weak. Once he’s dead entirely powerless.

Alloh warns that humans were created from the semen that was worthless. Is it appropriate for the human being arrogant?

Addons “And if people do not consider that We created him from a drop of semen, then he suddenly became a real contender!” [Ya Sin: 77]

From the article above it is clear that there is no reason for man to be arrogant. The threat of hell for people who are arrogant but only as small as atoms should be the guy who makes us humble.

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