Appreciation of Blogging

Posted on 19 August 2011


Blogger friends with my contemporaries are now going public means more professional with its Internet media. They became a writer whose work is recorded, the informant blogging, and even do business online. I salute my friends who have a spirit like them. 

As for me? Perhaps an exception for me (defensively .. lol), since becoming a housewife who busied himself with the affairs of automated homes, resulting in decreased activity of blogging. Years of poor across the virtual world, about 7 years, this time I got the appreciation that could be categorized as business. During this appreciation in the form of award several times I got such souvenir t-shirts, USB, or advertising fees.
Until I finally completed the order to create a blog whose contents perpetuate the family relationship between family members since the year 1960-2010.

Whatever the content of his blog, which obviously I am very happy because the client was satisfied with my performance. Happier is that I get a satisfactory salary. Alhamdulillah ..

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